What is PDR?


PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal. It is the process of using specially designed tools to gently massage out the dent from back side of the panel to move the metal back to its original condition. This process started in the automobile factories almost forty years ago, to remove dents as cars were being manufactured. It was only in the nineteen eighties that the OEM paints have allowed us to do these types of repairs to used vehicles. In the nineteen nineties the process was developed throughout the United States and has expanded to include some minor large dents and hail damage.

What types of dents can be removed?

There are two main points to consider if a dent can be removed using PDR. Is the paint cracked or missing? Is the dent on the edge of a panel? If the paint is missing or cracked a 100% repair will not be possible. Edges are sometimes possible; but, it depends on the type of vehicle. All makes and models are PDR candidates. However, performing PDR on vehicles manufactured prior to 1980 can be limited.